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Professor Joćo Rocha

João Rocha

CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, Portugal

João Rocha is Full Professor of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro, and Director of CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials. He is member of the European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) and of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, and Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and of the ChemPubSoc Europe. He has received the Madinabeitia-Lourenço award from the Real Sociedad Española de Química, the prize Ferreira da Silva (Portuguese Chemical Society), and the prize for Scientific Excellence from the Portuguese Science Foundation. He was member of the National Science and Technology Council (advising the Prime Minister). He headed the Commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures of the International Union of Crystallography and is consultant for the Commission on NMR Crystallography and Related Methods. Professor João Rocha published ca. 490 SCI papers and 24 book chapters with ca. 16,000 citations (h index 60) and 4 patents; gave over 200 talks at conferences; and supervised 40 post-docs and 25 PhDs. His present main research interests encompass microporous transition metal and lanthanide silicates, photoluminescent lanthanide-bearing materials, and Metal Organic Frameworks for sensing applications, including nanothermometry; nanosystems for multimodal (magnetic resonance, optical and thermometry) imaging and small molecules drug delivery; solid-state NMR and X-ray diffraction.

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