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Time Tuesday, 2/10 Wednesday, 3/10 Thursday, 4/10
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Plenary Lecture (PL3) *

Rajamani Krishna

Plenary Lecture (PL5) *

Gabriele Centi
9:15 9:30
9:30 9:45 Welcome Session
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Plenary Lecture (PL1) *

Nien-Hwa Linda Wang
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Plenary Lecture (PL6) *

Nikolaos  Hadjichristidis
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   14:15 Lunch Lunch Lunch
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Keynote (KN1)

João Rocha

Keynote (KN2)

Rosa Quinta-Ferreira

Keynote (KN3)

Adélio Mendes

Keynote (KN4)

José António Teixeira

Keynote (KN5)

Maria Ascensão Reis

Keynote (KN6)

Ramesh Gardas
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Plenary Lecture (PL4) *

María José Cocero
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Poster Session



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16:15 16:30

Plenary Lecture (PL2) *

Paul Christakopoulos

Awards and Closing Session *

16:30 16:45

Multibiorefinery Project Meeting *

CHEMPOR participants are welcome
16:45 17:00
17:00 17:15
17:15 17:30

Formal Session

with Minister of Economy
17:30 17:45

Bus to Vista Alegre

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Poster Session and Coffee-break


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Conference Dinner

* This session occurs in Room 1.

[PL] - Plenary Lecture [BB] - Biological Engineering and Biotechnology
[KN] - Keynote Presentation [IM] - Innovative Materials and Applications
[RS] - Reaction and Separation Processes [EE] - Energy and Environment
[MP] - Modeling, Synthesis and Integration of Chemical Processes [ME] - Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Engineering Education


Plenary lectures [PL]

Simulated moving beds: fundamental principles, enabling technologies, and applications
Nien-Hwa Linda Wang, Purdue University

Novel Hybrid Organosolv:Steam explosion-based integrated biorefinery of the lignocellulo- sic biomass (an evolution from pretreatment to fractionation processes)
Paul Christakopoulos, Luleå University of Technology

Exploiting entropy effects in separations with microporous crystalline adsorbent materials
Rajamani Krishna, University of Amsterdam

Overcoming the challenges of the sustainable biorefinery: supercritical water ultrafast pro- cesses
María José Cocero, University of Valladolid

Beyond fossil fuels for a transformative energy and chemistry
Gabriele Centi, University of Messina

The importance of model polymers in polymer science and industry
Nikolaos Hadjichristidis, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Keynotes presentations [KN]

The importance of being porous: silicates and functional MOFs
João Rocha, CICECO, University of Aveiro

Advanced reaction processes, wastewater treatment and reuse
Rosa M. Quinta-Ferreira, University of Coimbra

Harvesting and storage of solar energy: a promising new world for off the grid residences?
Adélio Mendes, University of Porto

Oscillatory flow reactors – a platform for process intensification
José António Teixeira, University of Minho

Shifting organic waste paradigm: from accumulation to valorisation into biopolymers
Maria Ascensão M. Reis, Nova University of Lisbon

Ionic liquids as additives for enhancing extraction, absorption and dissolution processes
Ramesh L. Gardas, Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Oral session | Biological Engineering and Biotechnology [O-BB]

Production of erythritol by Yarrowia species from crude glycerol,
P. Ferreira, A.M. Ribeiro,A.R. Machado, E. Nagy, N.D. Quang, I. Belo

Comparing the operation of aerobic granular sludge bioreactors under different hydrodyna- mic regimens during the treatment of textile wastewater containing silver nanoparticles,
Coelho, S. Sousa, A. Rodrigues, R. Franca, C. Viegas, H. Pinheiro, N. Lourenço

Assessing the influence of the adsorption time on the build-up of natural-origin polymeric multilayered systems: how fast can we go?,
T. Pesqueira, J. Borges, J.F. Mano

Recovery of value-added antibodies from serum samples,
E.V. Capela, J.A.P. Coutinho, M.R.A.-Barros, A.M. Azevedo, M.G. Freire

Aerobic granular sludge process treats real fish canning wastewater,
A.M.S. Paulo, C.L. Amo-rim, P.M.L. Castro

Water2Return: towards the total recovery of nutrients from the sewage water in a slaugh- terhouse,
C.A. Aragon, A. Real, I. Martin, K. Fahd, J. Parrado, P. Caballero

Yarrowia lipolytica as a potential producer of 2-phenylethanol from L-phenylalanine bio- transformation,
A. Braga, A. Oliveira, B. Freitas, E. Nagy, Q. Nguyen, I. Belo

A microfluidic platform for optimization of downstream process of biopharmaceuticals,
R.A.-Barros, A. Azevedo

Sustainable production of plastic building blocks by enzymatic biocatalysis,
Y.M.-Diz, F. Man-teiga, G. Feijoo, M.T. Moreira

Designing humanized hydrogels toward tissue engineering and disease modeling,
C. Custó-dio, S. Santos, C. Monteiro, J.Mano

Valorization of coffee wastes through acidogenic fermentation,
J. Pereira, P.C. Lemos, L.S.Serafim

Non-ionic surfactants as a pretreatment to optimize PHA extraction from mixed microbial cultures,
B. Colombo, J. Pereira, M. Martins, S.P.M. Ventura, F. Adani, L.S. Serafim

Design of a periodic counter-current chromatography process for efficient oncolytic virus purification,
R. Silva, J. Mendes, M. Berg, L. Mathiason, C. Peixoto, P.M. Alves, M.J.T. Car-rondo,

Novel nano-engineering phytantriol-F127-based cubosomes for antibiotic delivery,
J. Domin-gues, M. O. Pereira, A.M. Sousa, B. Silva

Genotoxicity analysis of different magnetite-based nanoparticles applied in chemical cataly- sis processes,
M. Gamallo, S. Silva, M. Pintado, G. Feijoo, M.T. Moreira


Oral session | Biorefinery and Sustainability [O-BS]

Production of ethanol from Pinus pinaster stump wood extracted pulp and lignin recovery,
Mendes, R. Moreira, A. Portugal, M.G. Carvalho

Toward the improved sustainability of bioplastics: process modelling and life cycle assess- ment of an FDCA production route,
S. Bello, P.M.-Trelles, E. Rodil, G. Feijoo, M.T. Moreira

Biorefinery approach for obtaining pigments, sugars and a protein-rich residue from micro- algae,
M.F. de Souza, M.A. Rodrigues, E.P.S. Bon, S.P. Freitas

Harvesting of carotenogenic phase Dunaliella salina by membrane filtration at lab and pilot scale,
J. Monte, J. Bernardo, M. Sá, C. Galinha, L. Costa, C. Casanovas, Ca. Brazinha, J.Crespo

Polyols: efficient solvents to extract phenolic compounds from walnut leaves,
V. Vieira, Â. Fer-nandes, M.A. Prieto, R. Calhelha , L. Barros, J.A.P. Coutinho, I.C.F.R. Ferreira, O. Ferreira

Supercritical  CO2   extraction  of  Eucalyptus  globulus  bark:   Techno-economic  optimization of the industrial process,
V.H. Rodrigues, M.M. R. De Melo, I. Portugal, C.M. Silva

Aqueous solutions of surface-active agents on the recovery of violacein from Yarrowia li- polytica cells,
M. Kholany, J. Vieira, M. Martins, S. Ventura, P. Trébulle, J.-M. Nicaud, J.A.P.Coutinho

Sustainable phenolic resin: a potential adsorbent for amoxicillin removal,
W.M. Moreira, P.V.Viotti, C.M.S.G. Baptista, M.H.N.O.Scaliante, M.L. Gimenes

FCC Feedstocks/Bio-oils Co-processing: Towards understanding of phenolic compounds im- pact on Ni- and V-USY zeolites,
R. Gerards, I. Graça, F. Ribeiro


Oral session | Reaction and Separation Processes [O-RS]

Separation of nadolol racemates by high pH reversed-phase simulated moving bed chroma- tography,
R.S. Arafah, A. Ribeiro, A.E. Rodrigues, L. Pais

Separation of hexane isomers in metal organic framework ZIF-8,
A. Henrique, P. Brântuas, J.Silva, A.E. Rodrigues, M. Karimi

Ethylene/ethane separation by gas-phase SMB in binderless Zeolite 13X monoliths,

An alternative method for the separation of C2/C3 hydrocarbons mixtures by pressure swing adsorption using the MOF MIL-100(Fe),
V. Martins, R. Seabra, P. Silva, A. Ribeiro, J.-S.Chang, J. Loureiro, A. Ferreira, A.E. Rodrigues

Simulated Moving Bed Reactor for the production of p-xylene: isomerization, dispropor- tionation and transalkylation reactions of xylene isomers, ethylbenzene, and toluene in liquid phase,
Q. Shi, J.C. Gonçalves, A.F.P. Ferreira, M.G. Plaza, A.E. Rodrigues

Removal and recovery of technology-critical elements from aqueous solutions using Fe3O4/ graphite nanoplatelets,
E. Afonso, L. Carvalho, C. Vale, E. Pereira, C.M. Silva, T. Trindade,C.B. Lopes

CFD modelling of flow patterns, tortuosity and residence time distribution in monolithic po- rous  columns  reconstructed  from  X-ray  tomography  data,  
S.  Pawlowski,  N.  Nayak,  M.Meireles, C. Portugal, S. Velizarov, J. Crespo

Mixing of dissimilar fluids in confined impinging jets – Mayonnaise equation,
M.S.C.A. Brito,C.P. Fonte, M.M. Dias, J.C.B. Lopes, R.J. Santos

Removal of the mixture of pharmaceuticals sulfamethoxazole and diclofenac from water streams by a polyamide nanofiltration membrane,
D. Gomes, R. Martins, R.Q.-Ferreira,L.G.-Ferreira

Assessment of the influence of clearance and agitation on the nucleation rate and particle size distribution in anti-solvent crystallization process of a drug substance,
A. Tulcidas, Santos, S. Pawlowski, F. Rocha

Glycerol steam reforming for hydrogen production: traditional versus membrane reactor,
Macedo, M. Soria, L. Madeira

Monitoring the transesterification reaction by continuous off-line density measurements,
N.Prieto, A. Ferreira, A. Portugal, R. Moreira

Multifunctional reactors for biogas upgrading through CO2 methanation: thermodynamic considerations,
A.C. Faria, C.V. Miguel, L.M. Madeira

Effect of TiO2 plate supported nanotubes on the solar photocatalytic oxidation and ozona- tion of parabens mixtures,
J. Gomes, J. Lincho, M. Gmurek, P. Mazierski, A.Z.-Medynska,R.Q.-Ferreira, R. Martins


Acidic aqueous biphasic systems: a new paradigm for the ‘one-pot’ extraction of critical metals,
N. Schaeffer, M. Gras, H. Passos, V. Mogilireddy, I. Billard, N. Papaiconomou, J.A.P.Coutinho

Electrical conductive 3D printed monolith adsorbent for CO2 capture applications,
M.J. Re-gufe, A. Ferreira, J.M. Loureiro, A.E. Rodrigues, A.M. Ribeiro

Modelling studies of supercritical fluid extraction of oils from grape and chia seeds,
R. Filipe, J. Coelho, V.-Bermejo, T. Fornari, R. Stateva


Oral session | Energy and Environment [O-EE]

Unbiased solar charging of an organic-inorganic redox flow battery with a tandem photoe- lectrode,
A. Khataee, J. Azevedo, P. Dias, E. Draževic´, A. Bentien, A. Mendes

Optimization of a passive direct methanol fuel cell with different current collector materials,
B.A. Braz, V.B. Oliveira, A.M.F.R. Pinto

Minimizing non-ideal discharge effects in tangential multicyclone systems,
J. Rocha, J. Paiva, Salcedo

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: guidelines for highly efficient devices based on commercially available materials,
C. Hora, F. Santos, A. Pereira, J. Maçaira, G. Sales, A. Mendes

Intensifying heterogeneous TiO2 photocatalysis for bromate reduction: A static mixer as ca- talyst support,
D. Morais, F. Moreira, R. Boaventura, V. Vilar,

Life cycle assessment of woody biomass bottom ash valorization in bituminous asphalt,
T.P.da Costa, P. Quinteiro, L. Tarelho, L. Arroja, A.C. Dias

Comparison of radical driven technologies applied for parabens mixture degradation,
M.Gmurek, J. Gomes, R.C. Martins, R.M. Q.-Ferreira

Bioenergy from wastewater in a microbially-charged redox flow cell,
M. Santos, L. Peixoto,C.D.-Ferreira, A. Mendes, M. Alves

Photo-electro-Fenton process for the treatment of highly polluted effluents. Importance of the operational variables,
A.M.D. Sarabia, M. Pazos, M.A. Sanromán

Valorization of spent coffee grounds as biosorbent for the retention of fluoxetine from water – a cost-effective alternative to activated carbon,
B. Silva, V. Rocha, A. Lago, T. Tavares

Carbon dioxide conversion into renewable synthetic fuels, through an electrochemical pro- cess,
L. Guerra, J. Puna, J.C. Rodrigues, J. Gomes, M.T. Santos

Intensifying heterogeneous photocatalysis for bromates reduction using the NETmix photo- reactor,
S. Santos, L. Paulista, T. Silva, R. Boaventura, M. Dias, J.C. Lopes, V. Vilar

Zeolite-based catalysts for power-to-gas application: A systematic step by step study for achieving a highly active catalyst,
M.C. Bacariza, I. Graça, J.M. Lopes, C. Henriques

Simultaneous desulfurization and denitrogenation of fossil fuels,
F. Lima, A. Silvestre, L.Branco, I. Marrucho

New ecofriendly cheap spacers for efficient monolithic dye sensitized solar cells,
F. Santos, D.Ivanou, J. Maçaira, A. Pereira, A. Mendes

Beating the performance of solar charging redox flow batteries based on a hematite photoe- lectrode,
P. Dias, J. Azevedo, A. Mendes

Evaluation of different pre-treatment systems for the energy recovery of greenhouse agri- culture wastes in a clinker production plant.,
L.M.G. Fernández, B.N. Rubia, R.G. Falcón,;F.V. Borrero


Oral session | Innovative Materials and Applications [O-IM]

Development of bio- and eco-composites for the footwear industry,
P.C. Santos, I.P. Fernan-des, J.E. Ribeiro, J.A. Pietrobelli, M.F. Barreiro

Catalytic mineralization of formaldehyde by molybdovanadophosphate polyanions suppor- ted on cellulose-silica hybrids,
A. Granja, J. Gamelas, M. Evtyugina, I. Portugal, D. Evtyugin

Hybrid ionic liquids/metal organic frameworks – IL@MOFs - for Gas Separation,
T. Fer-reira, A. Vera, B. de Moura, R. Ribeiro, J. Mota, L. Rebelo, J. Esperança, I. Esteves

A novel continuous production of melamine based microcapsules with a skin-hydrating ac- tive principle for textile applications using the NETmix technology,
A. Moreira, Y.A. Man-rique, J.C.B. Lopes, I.M. Martins, A.E. Rodrigues, M.M. Dias

Microencapsulation of marine chlorella by spray drying,
A. Matias, S. Oliveira, M.C. Pereira,A.A.-Bautista, N. Fernández

Emulsion-coacervation method for the encapsulation of carotenoids,
A. Roda, P. Oliveira, V.Gonçalves, A. Matias, F. Gaspar,

Insights into polymer-silica aerogel composites from a molecular modelling and simulation approach,
M. Oliveira, P. Santos, L. Durães, P. Simões

Novel Alginate-Chitosan aerogel fibres for potential wound healing applications,
M.P. Ba-tista, V. Gonçalves, F.B. Gaspar, P. Gurikov, A. Matias

Cr(III) Removal from Aqueous Solution by Activated Carbons obtained through the Co- pyrolysis of Wastes from Rice Production,
D. Dias,; M. Bernardo, N. Lapa, F. Pinto, I.Matos, I. Fonseca

Overcoming the mass transport limitations of amino acid-based ionic liquids in CO2 chemi- cal absorption by using Encapsulated Ionic Liquids,
J. Lemus, R. Santiago, C. Lemus, D.Moreno, J. Palomar


Preparation of ceramic and metallic monolithic catalysts for VOC abatement.,
D. Santos, O.Soares, J. Figueiredo, O. Sanz, M. Montes, M. Pereira

Novel hydroxyapatite-TiO2 composite material for photocatalytic degradation of diclofenac,
I.S. Moreira, S. Murgolo, C. Piccirillo, G. Mascolo, P.M.L. Castro

P-doped glucose-derived carbon/carbon nanotubes hybrids for oxygen reduction reaction,
Morais, N. Raap, M. Granja, M. Pereira, J. Figueiredo

Hybrid Polysaccharide Membranes for Dehydration Processes,
I.T. Meireles, S. Fraga, R. Hu-ertas, C. Brazinha, C. Torres, M. Reis, J.Crespo, I. Coelhoso

Production of biomaterial composed by natural polymers,
V. Soeiro, L. Tundisi, P. Mazzola, E.Tambourgi, M. Chaud, A. Jozala,


Oral session | Modeling, Synthesis and Integration of Chemical Processes [O-MP]

Influence of synthesis process on urea-formaldehyde resins,
C. Gonçalves, J. Pereira, N. Paiva, J. Ferra, J. Martins, F. Magalhães, B.-Timmons, L. Carvalho


From the traditional packed-bed reactor to the sorption-enhanced membrane reactor:  a step towards H2 production optimization through glycerol steam reforming,
J. Silva, L.Ribeiro, J. Órfão, S. Tosti, M. Soria, L.M. Madeira

Window-based feature methods for end-of-batch quality prediction,
R. Rendall, I. Castillo, A.Schmidt, S.-T. Chin, L. Chiang, M. Reis

Nitration process intensification,
A.L.C.L. Lopes, D.C.M. Silva, I. Portugal, C.M.S.G. Baptista


Oral session | Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Engineering Education [O-ME]

Introduction to systems engineering and sustainability for chemical and biological engineers,
U. Tuzun


Virtual labs: tools to enhance students autonomy in Chemical Engineering ducation,
M.G.Rasteiro, D. Urbano, J. Granjo

Understanding the effect of oxygen on microbial growth – teaching bioprocess engineering to biotechnology students,
A.M.R.B. Xavier, L.S. Serafim


Poster session | Biological Engineering and Biotechnology [P-BB]

Centrifugal partition chromatography on the separation of phenolic compounds derived from lignin depolymerization,
J.H.P.M. Santos, M.R. Almeida, A.C.R.V. Dias

Phototrophic enhanced biological phosphorus removal: a solution for reducing the aeration necessities in conventional enhanced biological phosphorus removal system,
V. Carvalho, Freitas, P. Silva, J. Fradinho, A. Oehmen, M. Reis

Biodegradation of a sulfonated azo dye in anaerobic-aerobic bioreactors treating a simula- ted textile wastewater investigated by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrome- try,
R.D.G. Franca, M. C. Oliveira, H.M. Pinheiro, N.D. Lourenço

Technological aspects of beverage production using rice processing by-products:  bran and broken rice,
D. Silva, A. Borges, M. Henriques, I. Rodrigues

Bioethanol production from kraft pulp in a circular economy perspective,
R. Branco, J. Pi-nho, L. Serafim, A. Xavier

Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from agricultural wastes and domestic wastewater with phototrophic purple bacteria,
J. Fradinho, B. Pereira, J. Almeida, A. Oehmen, M. Reis

Optimization of operating conditions in accumulator reactors for improved polyhydroxyal- kanoates production with phototrophic purple bacteria,
J. Fradinho, A. Oehmen, M. Reis

Impact of textile wastewater composition on the performance and properties of an aerobic granular sludge-sequencing batch reactor system during operation after granule storage,
Rodrigues, R. Rosa, R. Franca, H. Pinheiro, N. Lourenço

Effect of engineered silver nanoparticles on the performance of aerobic granular sludge re- garding the potential for abatement of textile wastewater toxicity,
S. Sousa, M. Coelho,R.Franca, C. Viegas, H. Pinheiro, N. Lourenço

From fruit pulp waste to biogas: the assessment of substrate shifts on the performance of a two-stage anaerobic digestion system,
S. Mateus, M. Carvalheira, J. Cassidy, A. Oehmen,M.A.M. Reis

NMR kinetic and cytotoxicity studies of sesquiterpene lactones,
M. S. Silva, J. Barbosa, R.Costa, I. Gonçalves, M. Bastos

Optimizing locked nucleic acid/2’-O-methyl-RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (LNA/2’OMe- FISH) for bacterial detection,
A. S. Azevedo, I.M. de Sousa, R. Fernandes, N.F. Azevedo, C.Almeida

Aqueous solutions of tensioactive ionic liquids: alternative solvents in the chlorophyll extrac- tion from green macroalgae,
M. Martins, A.P.M. Fernandes, J.A.P. Coutinho, S.P.M. Ventura


The potential of bacterial cellulose as hemostatic material,
E. Queirós, S. Pinheiro, P. Parpot, Gama

Bacterial Cellulose as a stabilizer for oil-in-water emulsions,
D. Martins, A. Fontão, F. Dou-rado, M. Gama

Development of a water-soluble Dextrin-Amphotericin B conjugate for the treatment of Leishmaniasis,
J. Fidalgo, R. Silva-Carvalho, S. Leal, T. Cruz, A. Tomás, P. Parpot, M. Gama

Density and sludge volume index estimation in mature aerobic granular sludge by quantita- tive image analysis and chemometric tools,
C. Leal, Á.V. del Rio, A. Zlatkova, B. Araújo, D.Mesquita, A. Amaral, E. Ferreira

Aqueous biphasic systems composed of mixtures of ionic liquids: phase diagrams and sepa- ration performance,
T. Dinis, H. Passos, M. Freire, J. Coutinho

Dextrin: a platform for the development of Drug Delivery Systems,
A. Machado, J. Martins, J. Pereira, Gama

Application of enzyme technology in the improvement of wastewater treatment systems,
C.A.Aragon, A. Real, I. Martin, K. Fahd, J. Parrado, P. Caballero

Harvesting of Arthrospira maxima by Coagulation/ Flocculation,
N. Caetano, A. Martins, M.Gorgich, D. Gutiérrez, L. Ribeiro, T. Mata

Toxicity of ammonium-based zwitterions to aquatic organisms,
H. Passos, F. Gonçalves, F.Jesus, J.A.P. Coutinho, S. Ventura

Unraveling the ecotoxicity of deep eutectic solvents using the mixture toxicity theory,
F. Jesus,I.P.E. Macário, J.L. Pereira, S. Ventura, A.M.M. Gonçalves, J.A.P. Coutinho, F.J.M. Gonçalves

The contribution of carbomer in pluronic-based thermoreversible gels of carbamazepine,
J.Ferreira, P. Pires, G. Alves, A.O. Santos

Production of second generation bioethanol from unbleached Kraft pulp of
Eucalyptus Glo- bulus, M. Amândio, R. Branco, L. Serafim

Effect of glycerol on the anaerobic co-digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes,
A. Deodato, E. Surra, N. Lapa

Valorise saline wastewaters through the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) bio- polymers by mixed microbial consortia (MMC),
B. Marreiros, S. Mateus, C. Oliveira, M.A.Reis

Bio-electro-Fenton hybrid process as a pausible methodology for the degradation of ionic liquids,
M. Arellano, N. Oturan, M.Á. Sanromán, M. Pazos, M. Oturan

Study of Kefir production,
J. Anjos, A. Lei, L. Serafim, A. Xavier

IgG purification with alginate-protein fibril composites,
M.C. Neves, M. Sharma, A.P. Tavares, Freire, K. Prasad, N. Singh, D. Mondal

Integrated biocatalytic processes by using thermoreversible aqueous biphasic systems,
A.Ferreira, H. Passos, A Okafuji, H Ohno, A.P.M. Tavares, M.G. Freire, J.A.P. Coutinho

Activation of laccase in the presence of natural deep eutectic solvents,
M. Toledo, M. Pereira,M.G. Freire, J.P. Silva, J.A.P. Coutinho, A.P.M. Tavares

Supported ionic liquids for the removal of cyclophosphamide from aqueous solutions,
B. Ro-cha, M. Neves, A.C. Sousa. T. Trindade, M. Freire

Valorization of spent coffee grounds with supercritical fluids,
J.P. Coelho, F. Campos, M.P.Robalo, G.St. Cholakov, S. Boyadzieva, R.P. Stateva

Behavior of lactoferrin nanohydrogels incorporating curcumin as model compound into food simulants,
J.F. Araújo, A.I. Bourbon, A.A. Vicente, P. Coutinho, O.L. Ramos

Supported ionic liquids as efficient adsorbents for the removal of Bisphenol A,
G. Sousa, M.Neves, A. Sousa, T. Trindade, M. Freire

Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of acid pretreatment in energy cane in relation to sugarcane bagasse,
R. Alves, Ê. Araujo, L. Campos, S. Assumpção, L. Pontes

Extraction of laccase from Trametes versicolor growth media using aqueous biphasic sys- tems,
M. Rosa, C. Neves, A. Xavier, A. Tavares, M. Freire

Exploring glutathione as an adjuvant of anti-biofilm strategies against
Pseudomonas aerugi- nosa, R. Monteiro, M.O. Pereira, A.M. Sousa

Novel glycine betaine ionic liquids analogues as components of aqueous biphasic systems with improved performance to separate amino acids,
A. Rufino, M. Rosa, M. Pereira, M.Almeida, J. Gomes, J. Coutinho, M. Freire, A. Mohamadou

Ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems as enhanced extraction platforms for bovine se- rum albumin,
A. Rufino, M. Almeida, M. Sharma, J. Coutinho, M. Freire

Removal of dyes using surfactant ionic liquids for in situ biodegradation with laccase,
R.Bento, M. Neves, J. Coutinho, M. Freire, A. Tavares

Development of an alternative bio-based process for the extraction and purification of mo- noclonal antibodies,
A. Santiago, E. Capela, A.P. Tavares, M. Pereira, A. Mohamadou, J.Coutinho, M.R. Barros, A. Azevedo, M. Freire

Dinoflagellates: unique microalgae for sustained supply of bioactive compounds,
J.L. Assun-ção, A.C. Guedes, F.X. Malcata

Biological-based ionic liquids as novel preservation media for recombinant RNA,
A. Pedro, P. Pereira, Quental, A. Carvalho, S. Santos, J. Queiroz, F. Sousa, M. Freire

Separation of nucleic acids using ionic-liquid functionalized macroporous supports,
P. Pe-reira, M. Neves, A. Pedro, I. Rodrigues, J. Martins, T. Trindade, J. Queiroz,M. Freire, F. Sousa

Isolation and preliminary characterization of a new bacteriophage against
Sphaerotilus na- tans, R. Ferreira, R. Cardoso, J. Padrão, S. Santos, V. Ferreira, S. Cortez, J. Azeredo, M. Mota, Nicolau

Bioengineered in vitro 3D hydrogel-based cancer model using chemically modified biopoly- mers,
V. Gaspar, M. Monteiro, J. Mano

Dual nanomaterial systems aiming antimicrobial activity and cancer treatment,
P. Correia, Aguiar, A.M. Fonseca, F. Baltazar, I. Neves

Effect of temperature and laccase activity on the production of oligorutin in a reaction me- dium free of organic solvents,
A.M. Mouro, B.G. Estévez, T.A. Lú-Chau, M.T.M. Vilar, J.M.L.Rodicio, G.M.E. González

Effect of processing on the antioxidant activity of different varieties of peppers (Capsicum annuum),
M. Serra, N. Alua

Bacterial degradation of the veterinary antibiotic florfenicol,
A.T. Couto, C.L. Amorim, P.M.L.Castro

Changes in the biochemical composition of selected Tetraselmis species, cultured semi- con- tinuously under distinct renewal rates,
V. Pôjo, A. Otero, F.X. Malcata

Effect of polysaccharides in neuronal ROS production,
C. Miranda, M. Bosio, M. Batista, A.Pessoa, R.Q.Ferreira, E.Q. Ferreira, G. Marques, F. Nunes, E. Saggioro, J. Bassin, M. Dezotti


Poster session | Biorefinery and Sustainability [P-BS]

Direct transformation of cellulose to ethylene glycol using Ru-W bimetallic catalysts suppor- ted  on  glucose-derived  carbon  materials,  
L.S.  Ribeiro,  N.R.-Raap,  J.L.  Figueiredo,  J.J.M.Órfão, M.F.R. Pereira

Tunable Hydrophobic Eutectic Solvents Based on Terpenes and Monocarboxylic Acids,
M.Martins, E. Crespo, P. Pontes, L. Silva, M. Bülow, G. Maximo, E. Batista, C. Held, S. Pinho, J. Coutinho

Pre-treatment of Maize Cob Waste with Hydrogen Peroxide for Biogas Enhancement,
E.Surra, M. Bernardo, N. Lapa, I.A.A.C. Esteves, I. Fonseca, J.P. Mota

Bacterial  cellulose  production  through  hydrolysates  produced  with  cellulosic  residues,  
F.Garrett, A.E. Rodrigues, F. Dourado, M. Gama

Assessment of agroforestry residues potential within the biorefinery context,
M. Gaspar, C.Mendes, S. Pinela, R. Moreira, M.G. Carvalho, M. Quina, M. Braga, A. Portugal

One-pot conversion of furfural to bioproducts over mesoporous bimetallic catalysts,
M. An-tunes, S. Lima, A. Fernandes, M.F. Ribeiro, D. Chadwick, K. Hellgardt, M. Pillinger, A. Valente

Using COSMO-RS to Design Choline Chloride-Based Eutectic Solvents,
D. Abranches, M.Larriba, L. Silva, M.M.-Franco, J. Palomar, S. Pinho, J. Coutinho

Sequential extraction of phycocyanin and chlorophyll from Anabaena cylindrica,
T. Sintra, Martins, I. Macário, S. Bagagem, J. Pereira, F. Gonçalves, J. Coutinho, S. Ventura

Analyzing sugar-based NADES: A study based on experimental measurements of solid- liquid phase diagrams and their modeling using COSMO-RS,
L. Silva, L. Fernandez, J.Conceição, M. Martins, A. Sosa, J. Ortega, S. Pinho, J. Coutinho

Experimental measurement and thermodynamic modeling of flow parameters sebum biodi- esel cold,
C.Lira, Í. Araújo, A. Stragevitch

Microwave drying and/or extraction of bioactive compounds from industrial by-products,
C.P. Passos, S.S. Ferreira, S. Cardoso, D. Wessel, G.R. Lopes, A. Rudnitskaya D.V. Evtuguin,M.A. Coimbra

IProPBio - Integrated process and product design for sustainable biorefineries,
M. Errico,J.P. Coelho, M.P. Robalo, R.M. Filipe, M. Martin, P. Angeli, R.P. Stateva, M.P. Papadaki, C.Pastori, S. Samir, H. Matos, A.P. Petriciolet, M. El-Halwagi, M. Corraza

Simultaneous degradation of hydrocarbons and production of valuable compounds by Yar- rowia lipolytica,
M. Lopes, R. Ramôa, S. Miranda, I. Belo

Valorisation of tomato wastes for energy production through anaerobic digestion,
S.R. Pi-nela, R.P. Rodrigues, M.J. Quina

Separation of Betulinic and Oleanolic Acids by Simulated Moving Bed,
I. Azenha, J. Aniceto, Sequeira, C. Areia, A. Mendes, C.M. Silva

Sustainable microalgae biorefinery development through process optimization,
A.F. da Silva, Costa, C. Brazinha, N. Caetano


Oxidative degradation of vanillin, vanillic acid and acetovanillone,
F. Casimiro, C. Costa, A.E.Rodrigues

Extraction of carotenoid pigment from brown crab residues using high pressure technology,
Roda, A. Nunes, A. Matias

PIV4Algae - Process Intensification for microalgal production and Valorisation,
J.P. Losa, F.Martins, M.A.-Ferraz, J. Dias, F.X. Malcata, R. Boaventura, V. Vilar, J.C. Pires

Phosphorus Adsorption onto Biochars from Pyrolysis and co-Gasification of Agricultural Biowastes,
A. Félix, M. Bernardo,N. Lapa, F. Pinto, C.D.-Matos, I. Fonseca

Remarkable performance of Deep Eutectic Solvents aqueous solutions on lignin solubiliza- tion and wood delignification,
B. Soares, A. Lopes P. Pinto, A. Silvestre, C. Freire, J. Couti-nho

Phase behavior of binary mixtures of saturated fames and alkanes,
N. Branco, J. Coutinho, L.Santos, J. Ribeiro

Life cycle assessment of supercritical fluid extraction of lycopene from tomato residues,
M.M.R. De Melo, C.M. Silva, N. Caetano, T. Mata, A. Martins

Oxidation of vanillic acid for C4 dicarboxylic acid production in the presence of TS-1 ca- talyst,
C. V.-Aguilar, M.F. Barreiro, A. Rodrigues


Extraction and recovery of phenolic compounds from biomass residues using aqueous solu- tions of ionic liquids,
E. Faria, A.F. Cláudio, J. Coutinho,A. Silvestre, M. Freire

Oxidative polymerization of magnesium-based lignosulphonates from acidic Eucalyptus glo- bulus sulfite pulping by laccase: preliminary results,
S. Magina, A.B.-Timmons, D.V. Evtu-guin

Valorization of Quercus cerris cork by supercritical extraction with modified carbon dioxide as green and efficient solution in relation to the classical extraction with organic solvents,
P. Vieira, M.R. De Melo, A. S¸en, M. Simões, H. Pereira, I. Portugal, C.M. Silva

Life-cycle inventory analysis of microalgae-based biomass production,
M. B.-Vieira, M. Frei-tas, T. Mata, A. Martins, N. Caetano

Valorization of Aurantiochytrium sp. microalgae through supercritical fluid extraction: op- timization of conditions, measurement and modeling of kinetic curves,
M.M.R. De Melo, Sapatinha, J. Pinheiro, Lemos, N.M. Bandarra, I. Batista, M.C. Paulo, J. Coutinho, J. Saraiva, C.M. Silva

Past and future research programme on biorefinery and bioproducts at the Navigator Com- pany,
P. Pinto, A. Gaspar, R. Rodrigues, C. Neto


Poster session | Reaction and Separation Processes[P-RS]

Removal of antimony from water by iron-coated cork granulates,
A. Pintor, B. Vieira, R. Bo-aventura, C. Botelho

Study of the effect of the compensating anion on the CO2 sorption capacity of hydrotalcite- based sorbents,
C. Rocha, M. Soria, L. Madeira

Separation of Nadolol Racemates by High pH Reversed-Phase Preparative Fixed-Bed Ch- romatography: Comparison of C18 Materials,
R.S. Arafah, A. Ribeiro, A.E. Rodrigues, L.Pais

Solketal production from glycerol ketalization with acetone: Thermodynamic and Reaction Kinetic Study,
M. Moreira, R. Faria, A.M. Ribeiro, A.E. Rodrigues

Spinel type – carbon based nanocomposites for the magnetically assisted removal of Hg and As species from different aqueous matrices,
R. Groot, D. Tavares, E. Pereira, T. Trindade, Hartog, B. Lopes

Carbon dioxide ennoblement via catalytic bi-reforming of methane,
A.F. Cunha, T. Mata, N.S.Caetano, A. Martins, J.M. Loureiro

Separation of azeotropic mixtures with aprotic solvents,
J.E. Sosa, J.M.M. Araújo, E.A.-González,A.B. Pereiro

New extension of the Liu-Silva-Macedo model to multicomponent Lennard-Jones intradif- fusivities,
B. Zêzere, I. Portugal, C.M. Silva

Experimental and modeled diffusivities of metal acetylacetonates in liquid ethanol, and com- parative insights with their diffusivity in supercritical CO2,
B. Zêzere, I. Portugal, C.M.Silva

A new test to measure the degree of deionization required for tartaric stabilization of wines by electrodialysis,
P. Henriques. V. Geraldes, A.M.B. Alves

Packed Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for the Separation and Recovery of Unreacted Mo- nomer in Polyvinyl Chloride Plants,
P.M.O.C. do Carmo,A.M. Ribeiro, A.E. Rodrigues,A.F.P. Ferreira

Catalytic performance of rare-earth doped HBEA zeolites over Friedel-Craft acylation re- actions,
L. Borbinha, N. Nunes, A. Martins, F. Martins

Effect of dispersant on the stabilization of calcium carbonate nanoparticles,
C. Almeida, Y.Manrique, J. Lopes, M. Dias

Extraction and recovery of valuable metals from São Domingos acid mine drainage water,
Passos, B. Cruz, N. Schaeffer, C. Patinha, E.F. da Silva, J.A.P. Coutinho

Deep-eutectic-solvents-based aqueous biphasic systems: the pH effect,
F.O. Farias, H. Pas-sos,; J.A.P. Coutinho, M.R. Mafra

Computational simulation of the aromatic extraction process - evaluation of thermodyna- mics and Sulfolan selectivity,
Í. Araújo, C. Lira, A. Stragevitch

Studies on the solubility of syringic, vanillic and veratric acids in water and organic solvents,
S.V. Boas, R. Alves, O. Ferreira, S. Pinho


Activation of persulfate and peroxymonosulfate by heterogeneous catalysis for the degrada- tion of organic pollutants,
M. Arellano, M.Á. Sanromán, M. Pazos


Development of a Molecular Model for [Ch]Cl Aiming at the Thermodynamic Modelling of Deep Eutectic Solvents,
E. Crespo, L. Silva, P. Carvalho, L. Vega, F. Llovell J.A.P. Coutinho

Methylcycloalkane/benzene separations by extractive distillation with ionic liquids,
P. Na-varro, M. Ayuso, A.M. Palma, M. Larriba, N.D.-Mellado, J. García, F. Rodríguez, J.A.P. Cou-tinho, P.J. Carvalho

Cyclohexane/cyclohexene separation by extractive distillation with cyano-based ionic liquids,
P. Navarro, Ovejero, N.D.-Mellado, A.M. Palma, M. Larriba, J. García, F. Rodríguez, J.A.P.
Coutinho, P.J. Carvalho

Separation of cyclohexene from cyclohexane by liquid-liquid extraction with ionic liquids,
Ayuso, N.D.-Mellado, A.O.-Pérez, P. Navarro, M. Larriba, J. García, F. Rodríguez

Impact of water on the CO2 solubility in [C4C1im][Ac],
P. Navarro, P.J. Carvalho, J.A.P. Cou-tinho

Simulation and optimization of the ethanol dehydration process by extractive distillation using imidazolium-based ionic liquids as solvents,
C.J. Cavalcanti,; L. Stragevitch, F. Car-valho, F. Pimentel

Binderless Shaped Metal-Organic Framework Particles,
R. Ribeiro, C. Antunes, A. Garate,A.Portela, M. Plaza, J. Mota, I. Esteves

Production and characterization of biodiesel obtained bt transesterification catalysed by io- nic liquids based on imidazolium,
A. Bau, G. Gonçalves, A. Queiroz, A. Ribeiro, P. Brito

Esterification process catalyzed by ionic liquids for fatty acid methyl esters production,

Biodiesel production through transesterification applying ionic liquids as catalysts,
H. Goes, Lima, A. Queiroz, A. Ribeiro, P. Brito

Phosphorus recovery from aqueous solutions with an eco-friendly adsorbent,
A. Santos, A.Quina, D. Lopes, L. G.-Ferreira, M. Quina

REEs recovery from leach solutions of fluorescent lamp wastes using supported liquid mem- branes,
S. Pavon, A. Fortuny, M.T. Coll, A.M. Sastre

Sludge free solar photo-Fenton combined with biofiltration for the degradation of phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewaters,
E. Domingues, J. Gomes, M. Gmurek, M. Quina, Martins, R.Q.-Ferreira

Ionic liquids as solvent for the extraction of phenols from effluents of biomass fast pyrolisis,
E.J. González, I. Díaz, M. Rodríguez, M.G.-Miquel, M.H.-Caricol

Heterogeneous solar photo-Fenton using red-mud as low cost catalyst for olive mill was- tewater treatment,
E. Domingues, D. Lopes, J. Frade, M. Gmurek,; Ma. Quina, R. Martins,R.Q.-Ferreira

Lagrangian Mixing Simulation and Quantification of Scales,
J. Matos,; M. Brito, M. Dias, J.C.Lopes, R. Santos

Modeling of Carbonation and Calcination Reactions of Ca-Looping Process for CO2 post- combustion capture in gPROMSQR,
M. Torres, R.M. Filipe, C. Pinheiro, H. Matos

Modulating behavior of Ionic Liquid on Micellization behavior in Aqueous Surfactant,
I.Khan, M.A. Usmani, J.A.P. Coutinho

Rigorous Modelling of the NO
x Absorption Process: Steady state sensitivity and validation of the dynamic behavior,
I. Vilarinho, N. Oliveira, B. Duarte, S. Pereira

Sequential extraction of phenolic compounds from Libidibia ferrea fruits using pressurized fluids,
J.R.S. Botelho, R.N. de Carvalho Júnior, H.C. de Sousa, M.E.M. Braga

Solketal, a fuel additive produced from the valorization of glycerol,
J. Martinho, J. Puna, M.T.Santos

Reactive LIF test reaction for micromixing studies: definition of suitable operational con- ditions and validation in a T-jets mixer,
J.P. Ribeiro, M. Brito, L. Esteves, R. Santos, M.I.Nunes

CO2 and CH4 adsorption on MIL-160(Al) from dry and wet streams,
M. Silva, A. Ribeiro, C. Silva, U-H. Lee, J. Faria, J. Loureiro, J.-S. Chang, A.E. Rodrigues, A. Ferreira

Study of tritperpenic acids isolation by simulated moving bed at two distinct scales,
J. Ani-ceto, I. Azenha, A. Mendes, C.M. Silva

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the chromatographic separation of triterpenic acids isomers,
J. Aniceto, A. Rudnitskaya, C.M. Silva

Development of integrated processes applying reversible aqueous biphasic systems,
A. Con-ceição, H. Passos, J.A.P. Coutinho, M. Freire

Production of clean synthetic fuels using nanocrystalline MFI-based micro/mesoporous ze- otypes synthesised via bottom-up approaches,
A. Silva, M. Antunes, C.M. Silva, A. Valente, Fernandes, M. Ribeiro

Micro/mesostructured catalysts based on the BEA topology for 1-butene oligomerisation,
A.Valente, A. Silva, P. Neves, M. Antunes, A. Fernandes, M. Ribeiro, C.M. Silva, S. Rocha

Measurement of diffusion coefficients of lycopene and astaxanthin in compressed liquids,
J.Silva, B. Zêzere, I. Portugal, C.M. Silva

Model of a Formaldehyde Absorption System,
C. Braz, A. Mendes, J. Rocha, R. Alvim, H. Ma-tos

Synthesis and characterisation of aluminosilicate ZSM-5 membranes,
S. Costa, S.P. Cardoso, Lin, C.M. Silva

Ionic Liquids and Carbohydrates in aqueous media: novel sustainable separation platforms,
Pedro, M.J. Quental, M. Pereira, A. Ferreira, S. Shahriari, A. Mohamadou, J.A.P. Coutinho, M. Freire

UVC coupled tube-in-tube membrane microreactor using on-demand H2O2 injection for oxytetracycline degradation,
P.A.-Muniozguren, J.P. Monteiro, J. Lee, S.M. Miranda, R.A.R.Boaventura, V.J.P. Vilar

Acoustic cavitation combined ozonation for real abattoir wastewater treatment,
P.A.- Muni-ozguren, M.H. Bohari, C.A.-Rossa, A. Sicilia, M. Bussemaker, D. Saroj, J. Lee


Poster session | Energy and Environment [P-EE]

Multi-electrode window for large-area solar hydrogen production,
A. Vilanova, T. Lopes, A.Mendes

Investigation of the viability of converting a leachate from a mechanical biological treatment plant for municipal solid waste into fertilizers.,
J. Cardoso, B. Rodrigues, P. Brito, H. Go-mes

Hydrophobic monoterpenes: myth or reality?,
M.A.R. Martins, L.P. Silva,; J.A.P. Coutinho,S.P. Pinho

Optimization of soybean oil ethanolysis by response surface methodology,
M.S. Ramos, M,Catarino, A.P.S. Dias, J. Puna

Preliminary analysis of ashes from different agricultural and forestry biomass residues,
D.Marques, D. Direito, M. Reinhardt, R.M. Pilão, A.M. Ribeiro

Thermochemical behaviour of wet blue shavings in an inert atmosphere.,
D. Direito, A.F. Al-meida, R.M. Pilão, A.M. Ribeiro

Influence of the synthesis conditions on the selectivity of CuZn catalysts towards CO2 elec- trochemical reduction (ERCO2),
C. Azenha, C.M.-Pedrero, A. Mendes

Development of a simple and inexpensive methodology for the determination of estrone and 17
α-ethinylestradiol in sludge samples,
V. Louros, D. Lima, J. Leitão, V.Esteves, H. Nadais

Removal of estrone and 17
α- ethinylestradiol by digested sludge under different conditions using batch experiments,
V. Louros, A. Sousa, D. Lima, J. Leitão, V. Esteves, H. Nadais

Solid-liquid extraction for the determination of volatile methylsiloxanes (VMSs) in sewage sludge samples,
J. Silva, F. Bernardo, N. Ratola, A. Alves, V. Homem

Electrochemical degradation of Diclofenac on catalysts based on CNT and M/CNT modified electrodes,
M.A. Ferreira, S. Güney,; I.K.-Biernacka, S. Soares, M.F. Pereira, J.L. Figueiredo, Neves, M. Fonseca, P. Parpot

Fe(III)NaYnano as efficient electrocatalyst for electrodegradation of Congo Red dye,
M.A.Ferreira, Z. Bencheqroun, H. Zaitan, M. Nawdali, A.M. Fonseca, P. Parpot, I. Neves

Hermetic encapsulation of hole transport-free perovskite solar cell,
S. Emami, D. Ivanou, A.Mendes

Electrochemical characterization of commercial activated carbons,
N. Nunes, R.E.-Leitão, A.Martins

Preparation of carbon-based electrodes to be used as back-contact in perovskite solar cells,
A.C. Teixeira, L. Andrade, A. Mendes

Thermally and chemically activated biochar obtained in mechanical biological treatment plants for carbon dioxide adsorption,
M. Karimi, Carmem N.D.P. Gonçalve, J.A.C. Silva,A.E. Rodrigues, P. Brântuas

Metal-free carbon nanotubes as catalysts for wet air oxidation of oxalic acid: the role of S, B and P heteroatoms,
R.P. Rocha, O.S.G.P. Soares, J.J.M. Órfão, M.F.R. Pereira, J.J. Figueiredo

Synthesis of high surface area host-guest hematite photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical cells,
F. Francisco

Increasing cyclone performance with an optimized post-cyclone recirculator: ReCyclone
J. Rocha, J. Paiva, R. Salcedo

Catalytic hydrolysis of NaBH4 for Hydrogen synthesis: Study of the by-product of reaction,
D.L. Silva, H.X. Nunes, C. Rangel, A. Pinto

Monitoring of emerging micropollutants in hydric media in Bragança district,
A. Nemoto, M.Golçalves, A. Queiroz, A. Ribeiro, P. Brito

Numerical Simulation of the Membrane Chemical Degradation in a PEM fuel cell,
R. Fer-reira, D. Falcão, A. Pinto

Treatment and energy valorization of residual glycerol in a perfectly mixed batch reactor,
L.Paulista, R. Boaventura, V. Vilar, A. Pinheiro, R. Martins

Boosting the efficiency of large area dye sensitized solar cells,
D. Ivanou, J. Capitão, J. Ma-çaira, A.I. Pereira, A. Mendes

Inhibition effect of heavy metals in microalgal growth and nutrient uptake in wastewaters: an experimental and mathematical approach,
F. Santos, L. Mazur, D. Mayer, V. Vilar, J.Pires

Impact of environmental conditions in perovskite solar cells: temperature, oxygen and mois- ture,
I. Mesquita, L. Andrade, A. Mendes

Degradation of benzodiazepines and carbamazepine by electrochemical oxidation using bo- ron doped diamond electrode and effects on neuronal toxicity,
B. Souza, M. Bosio,; M.Dezotti, J. Bassin, E.Q.-Ferreira, R.Q.-Ferreira, E. Saggioro

Drying sewage sludge with coal fly ash for producing a soil amendment,
L.A. Gomes, R.J.A. Lopes, J.C.M. Góis, M.M.J. Quina

Biodiesel production using nanocatalyst from calcium waste materials,
S. Santos, L. Nobre, J.Puna, J. Gomes, R.Q.-Ferreira, J. Bordado

Preliminary tests on the use of additives to decrease fine particles emission in biomass com- bustion,
J. Condeço, S. Hariharakrishnan, N. Canha, S. Pereira, M. Costa, J. Bordado, J.Correia

Co-combustion of residual forest biomass derived from eucalyptus with sludge from was- tewater treatment in the pulp and paper industry: NO and chlorine emissions,
D. Pio, L.Tarelho, T. Nunes, M. Matos

Optimization of Fenton/photo-Fenton processes for AOX removal from real pulp and paper bleaching wastewater,
M.I. Nunes, J. Ribeiro, C. Marques, I. Portugal

Photocatalytic reduction of bromate in fresh waters using a static mixer as photocatalyst support,
D. Morais, F. Moreira, R. Boaventura, V. Vilar

The effect of Ni-Ru supported catalyst in the sodium borohydride catalytic hydrolysis for hydrogen generation.,
H.X. Nunes,; C. Rangel, A. Pinto

Assignment of hazardous characteristics to wastes: HP14 ecotoxicity,
B. Bandarra, L. Gomes, Pereira, F. Gonçalves, Martins, M. Quina

Thermochemical characterization of tars Produced in the context of biomass gasification,

Performance of a passive and semi-passive Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell,
C.S. Moreira, V.B. Oli-veira, A.M.F.R. Pinto

Gasohol direct production for energy-efficient bioethanol downstream processing,
Â.D. Nu-nes, J. Granjo, B.P. Duarte, N.M. Oliveira

Improved sorbents for Calcium looping CO2 capture in the cement industry: increasing sin- tering resistance using waste resources and steam,
P. Teixeira, I. Mohamed, C.I.C. Pinheiro, Fernandes, M.F. Ribeiro

On the efficacy of single and catalytic ozonation using volcanic rock in mitigating the eco- toxicity of a parabens mixture,
J. Gomes, D. Frasson, J. Pereira, F. Gonçalves, L. Castro,R.Q.-Ferreira, R. Martins

Bromates removal by heterogeneous photocatalysis in a drinking Water treatment plant,
S.Santos, L. Paulista, T. Silva, R. Boaventura, M. Dias, J.C. Lopes, V. Vilar

Comparative studies between homogeneous and heterogeneous Fenton’s process – low-cost materials experimentation and alternatives to the classic process,
A. Rossi, R. Martins,R.Q.-Ferreira

Life cycle assessment of a vanadium flow batter,
J. Gouveia, A. Monteiro, A. Mendes, T. Mata, Caetano, A. Martins

Nitrogen and COD removal enhancement in a SBR: influence of using step-feed and indirect parameters monitorization, in a real-time control perspective,
I. Inocêncio

Kinetic modelling of the pyrolysis and combustion of woody biomass,
M. Martins, D. Pokwic-zał, F. Lemos, H. Pereira, J. Zuwała, T. Iluk, M.A. Lemos

Energy optimization of sludge anaerobic digestion,
M.T. Santos, F. Alves

Study of Hg2+ removal from tap water using different biosorbents,
E. Fabre, C. Vale, E. Pe-reira, C.M. Silva

Design of experiments and response surface methodology as powerful tools for optimization of adsorption heat pumps,
J. Pinheiro, S. Salústio, A. Valente, C.M. Silva

Copper foam coated with CPO-27(Ni) metal-organic framework for adsorption heat pump: simulation study using OpenFOAM,
J. Pinheiro, S. Salústio, V. Geraldes, A. Valente, C.M.Silva

Influence of distinct cations in solution on the equilibrium and kinetics of mercury removal using titanosilicate ETS-4,
S.P. Cardoso, T. Faria, C.B. Lopes, E. Pereira, I. Portugal, C.M.Silva


Poster session | Innovative Materials and Applications [P-IM]

Green and sustainable strategy to produce plastic antibodies for highly-specific pharma se- paration processes,
R. Viveiros, T. Casimiro

Design of RAFT synthesized amphiphilic and stimuli-responsive block copolymers for en- capsulation of polyphenols in polymersomes,
C. Gomes, R. Dias, M.R. Costa

Adsorbent based on ZIF-8 for chiral separation in liquid chromatography,
C. Santana, T.Menezes, S. Egues, J. de Conto

Sequential photocatalysis-electro-Fenton process mediated with magnetic Fe-TiO2 beads for the treatment of polluted effluents,
A.M.D. Sarabia, M. Pazos, M.Á. Sanromán, S. Rezgui, Monser, N. Adhoum

Calix[4]arene-Carbazole-containing polymers synthesis, properties and thin films as mole- cular sensors,
A.I. Costa,P.D. Barata, C.B. Fialho, J.V. Prata

New bicyclic fluorescent Calix[4]arene-Polymers for molecular sensing in fluid phase,
P.D.Barata, A.I. Costa, C.B. Fialho, J.V. Prata

Functional bio-based polyurethane foams from industrial residues,
N. Gama, A. Ferreira, A. Barros

Incorporation of IL@ZIF-8 composites into Matrimid QR5218 to produce Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation,
T. Ferreira, B. de Moura, L. Neves, J. Esperança, I. Es-teves

Chemical-physical study of ibuprofen incorporated into unmodified and modified mesopo- rous silicas: from matrix synthesis to drug release,
S. Inocêncio, I. Matos, F. Danède, A.Santos, J. Sotomayor, I. Fonseca, N. Correia, M. Dionísio, M. Corvo, T. Cordeiro

Crosslinked starch/chitosan microparticles as reinforcement of thermoplastic corn starch,
Paiva, J. Martins,L. Carvalho, F.D. Magalhães


Novel O/W green emulsions stabilized with nano-hydroxyapatite solid particles – Pickering emulsions,
A. Ribeiro, Y. Manrique, I.F.R. Ferreira, M.F. Barreiro, J.C.B Lopes, M.M. Dias

Sorption of fluorinated greenhouse gases using fluorinated ionic liquids,
J.E. Sosa, R.P.P.L.Ribeiro, J.P.B. Mota, J.M.M. Araújo, A.B. Pereiro

New eco-sorbents for hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas,
J.E. Sosa, R.P.P.L. Ribeiro,J.P.B. Mota, J.M.M. Araújo, A.B. Pereiro

Influence of the treatment of mesoporous silica surfaces in the release profile of a loaded drug,
R. Domingos, T. Cordeiro, I. Matos, J. Sotomayor, I.M. Fonseca,; M.M. Cardoso, M.Dionisio, M.T. Viciosa

Silica aerogel reinforcement with different types of cellulose fibres,
A. Portugal, A. Romeiro, Durães

Selective recovery of platinum-group elements using Fe3O4@EG nanocomposites and their precursors,
F. Rocha, E. Pereira, T. Trindade, C.M. Silva, C.B. Lopes

A New Molybdenum Trioxide Hybrid Decorated by 3-(1,2,4-Triazol-4-yl)adamantane-1- car- boxylic acid: a Promising Reaction-Induced Self-Separating Catalyst for Epoxidation,
P.Neves, A. Lysenko, G. Senchyk, K. Domasevitch, H. Krautscheid, A. Valente, I. Gonçalves

Ultralight microcellular polyurethanes for the production of technical footwear components,
Rafael, I.P. Fernandes, H.T. Gomes, V. Pinto, A. Fernandes, M.J. Ferreira. M.F. Barreiro

Stabilizing Simvastatin in the Amorphous State into Nanostructured Matrices,
A. Franco, T.Cordeiro, I. Matos, C.V. Pereira, J.C. Sotomayor, I.M. Fonseca, M.M. Cardoso, A. Matias, M.Dionisio, M.T. Viciosa

Use of ABES to evaluate the impact of chitosan solution on the cure of starch based resins,
M.L. Almeida, J. M. Martins, C. Coelho, F.M. Magalhães, L.H. Carvalho

BioFPro a web based software for correlation and prediction of biofuels properties,
A. Fer-reira, N. Prieto, J. Granjo

Modified carbon nanotubes as alternative platforms for the adsorption of immunoglobulin G,
D. Castro, M. Neves, J.A.P. Coutinho, J. Faria, M. Freire, C. Silva, A. Tavares,

Neon Adsorption on Metal-Organic Frameworks over wide Temperature and Pressure Ran- ges,
J. Barreto, M. Xavier,R. Ribeiro, D. Martins, I. Esteves, M. Branco, G. Bonfait, J. Mota

Titanium oxide-based materials for photo-catalysis of dyes and benzene,
M. Silva, M. Lou-renço, D. Tobaldi, P. Seabra, P. Ferreira

Enantioselective separation of racemic mandelic acid using aqueous biphasic systems with chiral ionic liquids,
M. Kholany, F. Silva, T. Sintra, S. Ventura, J.A.P. Coutinho

Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation of Potato Starch,
J.V. Barbosa, J. Martins, L.H. Carvalho, F.D.Magalhães, M.M.S.M Bastos

Development of acrylic/alkyd hybrid polymers,
S. Loureiro, J.V. Barbosa, J. Moniz, F.D. Ma-galhães, M.M.S.M. Bastos

Predicting paint composition from middle infrared spectra (FTIR),
M.J. Fernandes, F. Oli-veira, J. Peres, F. Martins, M.M.S.M Bastos

Covalent Organic Frameworks as support for Ni nanocatalysts for CO2 methanation,
L.Gonçalves, J. Sousa, S. Soares, Y. Kolenko, F. Pereira

Development of new lead-free medical X-ray protective clothing,
P. Ramalho, S. Soares, T.Pinto, A. Gonçalves, A. Barros, G. Santos, J. Morgado, C. Freire, C. Pereira, F. Pereira

Nanomaterials application in water disinfection for human consumption,
A.S.G.G. Santos,P.S.F. Ramalho, A.R. Lopes, A.G. Gonçalves, O.P. Nunes, M.F.R. Pereira, O.S.G.P. Soares

Valorization of wastes from pulp and paper industry: effect of distinct formulations and sta- bilization conditions in the properties of granules to be used as soil improvers,
N. Cruz, F. Silva, L. Tarelho, S. Rodrigues


Microencapsulation by spray coagulation method: study of the alginate crosslinking by dif- ferent calcium salts,
D. Cuma, I.P. Fernandes, M.F. Barreiro

Emulsions preparation based on ternary phase diagrams: comparative study using two oils (Miglyol and Sweet Almond) with two distinct surfactants (Tween 80 and Saponin),
T.Schreiner, M. Dias, S. Pinho, M.F. Barreiro

The effect of treating the carbon supports on the copper electrocatalytic activity towards the electroreduction of CO2,
N. Pereira, C.M.-Pedrero, A. Mendes

From Kinetics to Equilibrium Control in CO2 capture columns using Encapsulated Ionic Liquids (ENILs),
C. Moya, R. Santiago, J. Lemus, D. Moreno, J. Palomar

New promising microporous niobium and vanadium silicates for mercury removal from aqueous solutions,
E. Fabre, A. Rocha, C.B. Lopes, C. Vale, C.M. Silva, E. Pereira


Poster session | Modeling, Synthesis and Integration of Chemical Processes [P-MP]

1H NMR spectroscopy combined with partial least squares regression for predicting gasoline composition,
A.L. Leal, J.C. Ribeiro, A.M.S. Silva, F.G. Martins

Modeling clathrate hydrate formation/inhibition using a modified CPA EoS,
A. Palma, A. Queimada, J.A.P. Coutinho

Heat exchanger network retrofit of an aromatics plant process unit using a hybrid methodo- logy,
V.E. Araújo, F.P. Bernardo, C.M. Reis, F.G. Martins

Advanced multi-granularity analytics for industry 4.0,
M.S. dos Reis, T. Rato

Structured multiblock approaches for high-dimensional predictive modeling,
M.S. dos Reis


Polymeric catalytic membranes for biodiesel production – Effect of the addition of k- carra- geenan in PVA membranes,
R. Risso, M. Ventura, C. Duarte, I. Fonseca, J. Vital

(Nitro)Phenols reactivity in mixed acid benzene nitration,
D. Afonso, A. Ribeiro, P. Araújo, J.Vital, L.M. Madeira

Simulation, monitoring and diagnosis of faults and equipment degradation in chemical Processes,
J. Sansana, M. Reis

Image-based process monitoring using multiscale and multivariate image analysis: A pilot scale implementation study and results,
E. Strelet, M. Reis

A coarse-grain computer simulation approach of triblock copolymers,
G. Pe.-Sanchez, F.A.Vicente, N. Schaeffer, S.P.M. Ventura, J.A.P. Coutinho

Galp’s Sines Refinery Hydrogen Network Optimisation,
J.P. Marques, H. Matos, N. Oliveira, Nunes, A. Guerreiro, M. Prego

Synthesis and characterization of Reactive Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives,
J.M. Martins,I.C. Cardoso, C. Esteves, M. Bastos, J. Fernandes, N. Pinho, M.F. Barreiro, F.D. Magalhães,L.H. Carvalho


Poster session | Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Engineering Education [P-ME]

A simple laboratory approach for the determination and characterization of ternary phase diagrams for Chemical Engineering undergraduate students,
E.V. Capela, J.H.P.M. San-tos, I.B.-Palheiros, J.A.P. Coutinho, S.P.M. Ventura, M.G. Freire

Promoting an active learning in subjects of the Chemical Engineering degree,
E.J. González, Díaz, M. Rodríguez, M.G.-Miquel

Exploring the non-ideal behavior of coiled and straight tubular reactors.,
N.V. Gama, F.A. daSilva, I. Portugal

Pushing the dynamics and the outputs of laboratory courses,
A. B.-Timmons, F.A. da Silva

Contribution to Innovation in Chemical Engineering Education Using Online Resources,
A.Cardoso, M.G. Rasteiro

Developing a framework for assessing the teaching effectiveness in Chemical Engineering education,
C. Miguel, C. Moreira, M. Alves, J. Campos, J. Glassey, E. Schaer, N. Kockmann, Porjazoska, M. Polakovic, L.M. Madeira1

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